Testimonial - Think barter and save cash!

Leslie Bayard Menzel, Leslie's Boutique
I started off with BXI in L.A. (Leslie Boutique, Studio City) and ended up moving to the desert 11 years ago. I switched my membership to Itex P.S. with Amanda Smith. I have been very happy with BXI/Itex for over 20 years. I love saving my cash and paying with barter. The company is run very well, and I have never had a problem buying or selling. I recommend barter trading for most types of businesses. If you have a Cleaners, then why not have more customers coming in. It is the same amount of rent, employees and cleaning supplie money, so why not use the extra "fun money" on vacations, gifts, etc. I have stayed in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, and also Big Bear on Itex. Rented Kareoke, bought ballons, and I love the barter shows where have gotten so many wonderful gift for my loved ones and for myself. Think barter and save cash!