Testimonial - Our company have been members of ITEX since 1992

Mike & Laurie Renner, WAC Solution Partners
We own an Accounting, Bookkeeping and Accounting Software business. ITEX has been great for us. Some of the benefits are that we can obtain referrals for customers that can us our services that we would never have been able to reach. We have done Accounting and Bookkeeping for all kinds of businesses over the years. We then build up our ITEX account just like we would build up any other bank account, we look at the ITEX fees to be very reasonable marketing or referral fees. Second to spend the ITEX dollars we always look and see when something comes up who we can us in the ITEX network, and it is nationwide. Recently we had repairs done at our Washington rental house by a local Seattle Electrical Contractor even though we live in California. There are also many options available to spend ITEX dollars right on the ITEX market place and website. We also ask our ITEX trade director Amanda Smith what she recommends and she is always very helpful.